Have you recently held a special event for your organization that included a silent auction? Did you or any of your staff or volunteers suffer from any of the following symptoms?

You may have what we like to call, "Silent Auction Sleepless Nights."

Not to worry. Silent Partners, your silent auction solution, has your prescription for success! Our company can help evolve your silent auction into a vital element of your fundraising strategies without the headaches and sleepless nights, since we coordinate the entire effort for you. From the development of the donation solicitation letters and forms to the final itemized reports detailing who purchased which items, and for how much, we do it all.

Silent Partners enjoys years of experience. We have won glowing testimonials for conducting profitable and professional silent auctions for non-profit organizations. I have worked as a Sales & Marketing executive for major airlines for over 21 years. I am sure that your organization solicits these airlines repeatedly — but how often do they donate to your event? We know how to secure the unique and exotic donations that your guests want and will pay for. The manner in which we market our silent auctions has gained us respect from donors around the world. And for this reason, they continue to donate.

We have helped over 80 non-profit organizations this past year, including SHARE, American Red Cross, Concern Foundation, St. Jude's Children's Research Foundation, Hoag Hospital Foundation, Starlight Children's Foundation and the Arthritis Foundation. Not only have we worked with these organizations, we have become part of their team. We care about, get involved with and contribute substantially to all of our client’s causes.

If you are seeking the right prescription for a silent auction, I encourage you to browse our website and fill out the Contact Us form. We will call you directly to go over your specific silent auction solutions.

Scott Merrin, President

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