For the Production Solution, Silent Partners will:

  • Catalog all items. This refers to packaging items together (i.e. restaurants with theatre tickets) and placing them in categories. All auction items and certificates will be labeled, numbered and cataloged in file boxes.
  • Create and design auction bid sheets. The bid sheets include a description of the package, the item number, value, minimum bid, minimum raise and donor name.
  • Produce a detailed and attractive auction catalog. The catalog will include the package descriptions for the silent and live auction, as well as any opportunity drawing.
  • Store all donations (within size limitations).

The following expenses are not included in our fee. Silent Partners will offer you an estimate of these expenses based on those of our past clients and will provide a detailed listing of any costs along with receipts.

  • Organization's letterhead
    and envelopes.
  • Bid sheet, "pop-up" and
    catalog paper
  • Card stock for bid sheets
  • Printing of the auction catalog
  • Special donations
  • Postage for non-profit's database
    (if required)
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