Our guests often comment that they can’t find items listed in the auction catalog.

We have created what we call “pop-up” easels that stand directly behind the bid sheets. These easels offer guests a brief description of the auction item in a large easy-to-read typeface. Your guests will not have to read the description on the bid sheet to know if they are interested in bidding on the item. We display all the items in a professional manner and use tasteful decor to highlight items. In addition, we display colorful category signs that assist in locating particular sections. We select theme paper for the bid sheets and the pop-ups to add color and decorative elements to your event.

Our cashiering process creates as much chaos as a blue-light special at K-Mart! Help!

The cashiering process we’ve established replaces your cashier’s calculators with smiles! At the beginning of the event, your guests receive a bidder number. We produce a bid sheet for each auction package and our auction team monitors the bidding throughout the event. At the close of the auction, the Silent Partners team enters the winning bids into laptop computers and issues detailed invoices on your letterhead, all within minutes of the closing of the auction! Silent Partner's staff will hand-deliver automated invoices directly to the winning bidder's table. Your guests won’t wait in long lines, and they will leave the event with a detailed invoice listing how much they paid for each auction package. The invoice requires the purchaser’s signature stating that they have read all restrictions of the package, ensuring that you won’t be hearing from them after the event questioning validity dates, etc.

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