While our main focus is always on procuring items that are 100% donated for your auction, we have found over the past 10 years of doing business that you don’t always receive the type of items that are best suited for live auctions and raffles. Quite often, our clients receive great hotel donations from around the world, but feel that they should be paired with airfare.

The Auction Vault has been created to address these needs. We have secured outstanding, discounted rates from American Airlines as well as great rates from Fairmont Hotels, Ritz-Carlton, Hyatt Hotels, Marriott and many other vendors. With these rates, we have created packages that you can purchase at no risk; you do not have to purchase any of these items unless they sell at the event, and you can sell as many as you are able to. We will provide you with display materials and verbiage. You simply contact us after the event and place the order for what sold!

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