Are these packages better for silent or live auctions?
Live auctions. These are high end items that need a lot of attention to sell well. In order for you to sell multiple amounts of each package, an auctioneer must entice people to bid, creating excitement and momentum.

How come the values of several packages are more than if I tried to book the trip myself?
All of the estimated values assigned to the AV Items are based on hotel rack rates and on full retail costs of airfare—these are peak prices. However, since there is a significant difference between your cost and the estimated value of the package, your patrons will be receiving an excellent price while you raise great, incremental revenues.

Why don't I purchase and offer my own trips?
You should not have to play "travel agent" and worry about getting the best price. Our packages are secured through partnerships we have forged and come to us in certificate form. These certificates allow you to sell an unlimited amount of packages and allow your patrons to make their own reservations without you having to be involved.

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