budgetWe would love to use your services but just don’t see how can fit into our budget.

We have been very successful at procuring big-ticket items and recommend that everyone we work with conduct two “Opportunity Drawings.” For the first drawing, you will sell just 100 tickets at $100 each. With the assistance of an enthusiastic Board of Directors and volunteer effort, it is possible to sell all these tickets before the event takes place. This drawing should gross $10,000.

For the second drawing, you will sell 1,000 tickets at 1 for $10, 3 for $20 and 10 for $50. The expected generation from the second drawing should be $2,000 to $3,000. To ensure increased sales, we suggest including an insert in the invitation describing the drawings and permitting the person sending in the RSVP to simply check off a box stating how many tickets they wish to purchase. These two drawings are only a few of many other suggestions we provide to all clients to increase year-over-year proceeds.

How does your fee compare with companies that offer similar services?

budgetThere are a few organizations we are aware of that specialize in auctions, but they have not automated the process like Silent Partners. Most Event Planners and other companies charge well over $20,000 and will include an auction in this fee. However, they lack the contacts, knowledge, and comprehensive, customized, mobile bidding platform that we use. We usually begin working with organizations on their event three to six months in advance. When you take into consideration the hundreds of hours an auction requires and break it down over three to six months, it’s a fee well invested.

In addition, we guarantee that the items we procure from their worldwide database will more than pay for their fee. In other words, there is no risk whatsoever outsourcing the auction to Silent Partners. Outsource the auction to us and allow your staff to focus on the bigger picture of securing sponsorships, getting people to attend your event and all of the labor-intensive tasks required to put on a successful event – and you are guaranteed that we will pay for our fee. What service can make this claim?

If we use the services of Silent Partners, can you project the donations we would receive or how much we would profit?

While we cannot promise specific items or provide an estimate of the gross income from the Silent Auction, our track record speaks for itself. We highly recommend that you call our references. Our clients have been our best salespeople!

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