donationsEvery year we get the same donations… We are looking for some new and unique items.

A major part of the service we offer our clients is the solicitation to our highly developed donor database. We have spent many years customizing and constantly updating the thousands of contacts in our database. These include hotels and resorts around the world, airlines, restaurants throughout the United States, sports and Hollywood celebrities in addition to local attractions.

donationsWe work with you to develop an appropriate letter requesting a donation and send this personalized letter to our contacts asking for a very specific donation item. Because our letters are addressed to our contact person instead of “To whom it may concern,” you can enjoy as much as a 10% or more return. (That means that you may receive anywhere from 100 to 200 auction donations! And remember, this is only from our list of contacts. We are sure you have an amazing list as well.) Many people ask us “how do you ask the same contacts over and over for donations?” The beauty of what we do is that we don’t – you do! The letter is written on your letterhead, not ours. They are donating to your cause, not ours. We truly are your “Silent Partners.”

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