We have an excellent group of volunteers that have organized our auction in the past. Why should we outsource our auction coordination to Silent Partners?

We are sure your organization has outstanding volunteers that contribute immensely to your event. When Silent Partners is contracted to work with you, we look forward to becoming part of your team. We work side by side with volunteers and value the genuine help they provide. If one of your volunteers has a personal friend at a great restaurant in town, we would much rather have them solicit the restaurant for a donation. Odds are that their personal touch and relationship will secure the item. If they wish, we will even write a letter on their behalf to any of their personal contacts. What Silent Partners does, is all the “grunt work” from beginning to end. This frees up hundreds of hours for your staff and volunteers to focus on “the bigger picture” of securing sponsorships for the event and attending to the myriad of responsibilities that all events require.

Our offices are buried with auction items! It's a full-time job keeping track of everything.

Upon receipt of the items, we store them at our office (within reason) and immediately input them into a database developed for your organization. This database, we call an “Update,” is then emailed by the Account Manager assigned to your organization every week so you can keep track of the items that have arrived. (Be sure to share this list with your staff and volunteers -- it will certainly boost their enthusiasm!) The donations are then given to your designated Account Manager at Silent Partners. Your Account Manager packages the items together (e.g. restaurants with movie tickets), writes an alluring and fun description of the package, then labels and numbers the packaged items and envelopes with a special thermal printer.

How do we get our guests excited about the auction before they arrive?

Jump-start the bidding by mailing out the auction catalogs to your attendees one week prior to the event. Silent Partners produces an attractive Auction Catalog complete with catchy titles and alluring descriptions of the auction packages. Your guests will arrive excited to begin bidding on the items they read about in the auction catalog. We have seen people bring the catalogs to the event with corners folded down and filled with notes, eager to begin bidding.

How do we get our Board, volunteers and auction committee excited and motivated to work with Silent Partners’ staff?

When you sign a contract with Silent Partners, we provide your staff with a Procedures Manual that will cover everything that needs to done including a review of your Auction Timeline. At this meeting, we will provide you with what we call a “Wish List” for you to forward on to your Board, volunteers and committee. This Wish List is intended to get their creative juices flowing and to focus on procuring great unique auction items from their contacts. Many clients have said that they didn’t even realize that they had contacts that would donate such great items. The great thing is that they won’t have to do any of the work!

Why should our volunteers solicit donations for the auction if we are contracting with Silent Partners?

Every volunteer is involved with their favorite nonprofit for one reason. They have a passion for the cause! Yes, Silent Partners will do all of the work but why wouldn’t someone who cares try to secure items along with Silent Partners? It’s a team effort and it’s the combination of Silent Partners worldwide database of great donors along with their client’s contacts that raises the bar and consistently exceeds our client’s goals.

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